5 Things that I learned from Lily Potter as A Mother

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Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead. When I first learned about the Harry Potter series, I didn’t want to read it. I thought I would not be able to bear the witchcraft and wizardry. But the bookworm in me insisted that I read it and I am glad that I did it.

For me, it has become a part of life. I have the whole series on my laptop, my phone, and paperbacks so that I can read them whenever I want. I just love them! Ok, enough of my ranting about HP series, I can go on them for the rest of my life nonstop!

As I have said that HP series has become a part of my life, I usually read one of the books every month. This month, it is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I am not going to the depth of the book but the favorite chapter from the book is The Prince’s Tale. Not because it shows us the real Snape but for Lily Potter, Harry’s mother.

I am fascinated with the character from the very beginning and when the chapter offered to know her better, I was grateful to Ms. Rowling.

There are so many things Lily has shown us through the flashbacks, through her actions. Here are the things that I learned from Lily Evans Potter as a mother.

Love for the child

Just like any other mother, Lily loved her child. She did the best for Harry, even at the time of her death. She protected her child with her love which in turn saved Harry in the direst situation. She taught me that selfless love can do wonders. She taught me that her child was the most treasured thing in the world, even more than her own life.

Duty comes first

Besides a mother, Lily was the member of the original order of phoenix that fought with Voldemort. She could have been weak and vulnerable to save Harry from the dark lord. But she didn’t let her child come between her and her duty. She managed her duty until her last breath. Lily taught me that motherhood cannot be an excuse to skip your duties but it is your strength to do it better.

A balance between work and baby

Lily Potter managed her duty and her child equally. She was targeted by the darkest wizard of all time along with her baby but it never hampered her work. The eminent death threats never dampen her self-confidence. She was compassionate, hard-working and talented and she equally treasured her time with her son. Remember her letter to Serius?

Stand for the children

Lily could have saved her life when the dark lord came to kill Harry. She begged him to kill her instead of Harry. She could have flown to safety but all she did was to stand for her child. Lily taught me that no matter what, you have to stand for your child.

Courage to the children

Lily was supportive of her child even after death. Remember her words in the forest? When Harry was walking to meet Voldemort, she assured him that he is really brave and they were proud of him. Lily taught me that no matter scared you are, you need to support your child, you have to encourage him to do the best.

I was too young to understand the sacrifice Lily had when I first read the book but as I stepped on the threshold of motherhood, it was Lily who holds my hand.

HP series is not about witchcraft but it was about magic, the magic of love, and friendship. And I owe Lily Potter so much for teaching me this magic.

HP series is not about witchcraft but it was about magic, the magic of love, and friendship. And I owe Lily Potter so much for teaching me this magic.

Originally published at https://mywritingmyworld.com on May 27, 2016.

India based writer and blogger. www.puspanjalee.com

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