It is simple. Just stick to the plan.

Well, every online writer often struggles with this problem to come up with ideas to write every day. I, too, struggled with it for a long time.

I would sit and stare at the blank screen of my laptop for hours with no idea about what to write. Or I would write and delete again and again because nothing I write would satisfy me as a reader.

Frustrated, I would blame it as writers’ block and waste my precious time to read how to get rid of the writer’s block. And then one realization changed my whole perspective.

There is…

It was a translated book that helped me discover the joy of reading.

The first book that I could remember reading was a small book called Hsuan Tsang’s Journey to India. It was published by the National Book Trust of India and was translated to Assamese from English.

Husan Tsang’s Journey to India
Husan Tsang’s Journey to India

Although I have been reading Twinkle and Chandamama magazines, it was the first book that I read. It was full of illustrations and chronicled the journey of the famous Chinese pilgrim Huen Tsang who travelled across India to learn Buddhism.

The writer wrote/translated the journey in such a way that I could imagine a young Chinese man walking across deserts, narrow mountain passes, battling for…

Wait, what? Can book bloggers monetize their blogs through affiliate marketing?

Can book blogs be monetised? This is one of the most common questions new bloggers who want to write about books ask. And the answer is yes.

There are several affiliate programs for book bloggers and a book blog can be monetised easily with affiliate marketing.


Let me explain.

Most of the book bloggers rely on sponsored posts and book reviews to monetise their blogs.

Although it is a viable option, there are lots of if and buts involved in it. …

In this post, we are going to talk about basic keyword research tips for beginners

Keyword denotes the search words and phrases people use to search for a particular item. Knowing and writing content around those terms help in search engine optimisation. It is simple but has a huge impact on SEO all over the internet.

Keyword research is the first step in creating a content strategy for a blog and its monetisation. We all know how important is search engine traffic to grow our blogs.

Any kind of search engine optimisation starts with understanding what your target audience is searching online and then creating content around it.

(I talk about Profitable SEO in my…

You need to think about the demographic niche too

2021 is almost here and in this post, we will talk about how to choose profitable blogging niche for the coming year.

Choosing a blogging niche important to have a blogging goal for your blog. It is important to know your focus before you even start blogging.

Without the focus, your energy for blogging will go astray making it good for nothing. So, where is your focus?

Let us begin by placing us in the place of visitors. Suppose I am a busy mom who needs some guidance to choose the best day-care for my son.

Now, will I look…

Craft your about me page to connect with your readers

Before monetizing a blog, you need to make sure the blog is ready and able to handle the process. The first step in the workflow here is to create an About Me page for your blog.

An About Me page is the stand-alone page on your blog that tells your readers about you and your blog. There are so many studies in the content-marketing field demonstrating that the About Me page of any blog is one of the most visited pages.

People love to read About Me pages. It’s the sole window to the person behind the blog. Personally, I…

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3 tips to find the best people to follow your Facebook page

The other day, an indie author I know from a long time ago sent a message. I was trying to write an article for this column at the time, and she asked me, “How do I find the ideal reader to like my Facebook page?”

We talked for a long time before we hung up and I started writing how to find the ideal reader for your Facebook page.

This actually should be the first step of research before you start building your Facebook presence. Billions of people use Facebook every hour and they share a plethora of interests.


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5 tips to combat coronavirus on social media

It was a nightmare for a local artist here as she got trolled for the last 50 hours. Her crime? She accidentally mentioned “Aquaman” as her favourite Marvel hero. Now, this is outrageous for any DC or Marvel fan, and that poor thing was harassed relentlessly for her slip of the tongue.

The one thing I noticed, in this case is people have become ruder and more unforgiving during this pandemic. It may be because people are at home and excessively using social media. The trolling has increased — and, as a result, so have the nervous breakdowns.

It’s become…

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It’s the next best thing to a book signing

I love reading authors’ newsletters. However, the last two weeks were full of news about authors canceling and postponing book tours and rescheduling appearances.

Like everyone, the publishing industry has been affected.

But sales are still up. Authors and publishers have long since adapted to the digitization of books (i.e., ebooks and audiobooks).

If you were thinking about launching your new book during this period and are still contemplating whether to launch or not, let me tell you a secret.

It’s possible to launch your book using Facebook.

Yes. You read it right.

You can virtually launch your book using…

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7 ideas that practically guarantee engagement

Do you think Facebook engagement is dead? Wrong!

The fact is, Facebook reach and engagement is a hard nut to crack. But guess what? It may be hard but it is not impossible.

With the right timing and the right type of content, you can guarantee engagement. In today’s post, we are going to discuss seven Facebook post ideas that practically guarantee engagement.

These Facebook post ideas can be implemented in an instant. They will also help you to:

  • Solve the problem of not knowing what to post
  • Create a content plan
  • Schedule the posts in advance
  • Establish a connection…

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